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China really shake the status of the Japanese metal mold industry?
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"The way of thinking about metal molds is completely different", to China's large metal mold factory inspection of Japanese technical staff conceal surprise. In the huge factory, thousands of workers in accordance with the design, parts production, assembly, testing and adjustment processes such as division of work. It is this mass production plant to support the rapid growth of China's metal mold production.

In contrast, Japan's metal molds are produced by small and medium-sized factories. In Japan about 8 thousand metal mold manufacturers, employees less than 10 small and medium enterprises accounted for more than 7 percent. All-round technicians continue to sharpen their own carving technology, the mold one by one to create out. According to nine is building materials network to understand that 10 people in China to share the process in Japan, one person will sweep.

The advantage of Chinese-style human sea tactics is that it can be made in a short time. But also a lot of defects, because only division of labor, so can not master the carving technology, staff turnover rate is also high. China has no business can produce precision of 100 mm 1 mm mold, and in Japan, such enterprises everywhere. Industry evaluation said that China's production of metal mold prices are 7% of Japan. But the quality is only 7% of Japan.

However, China has begun to change. More and more enterprises to recognize the need to cultivate skilled technical staff, the introduction of Japanese-style metal mold manufacturing practices continue to increase. China not only in quantity, in quality will catch up with Japan? In contrast, the technical strength of metal mold entirely depends on talent. Improve the accuracy of the mixed operations reflect the national character, in this regard, Japan is still slightly better.

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